Inaura inclusion projects


Transforming the lives of the most disadvantaged children through innovative approaches to education and welfare provision


Inaura's long term mission is to support education communities to include all the children in those communities in appropriate education, to develop and promote capacity and standards in alternative provision, and to develop and promote resources for educating children, professionals and families in relationship skills.

cartoon showing the right side of the rules - teacher with student, both keeping the rules.

Inaura's relational approach is a unique way to look at behaviour and understand what promotes satisfying and sustainable relationships even under adverse conditions. Whilst behaviour management (which is taught during initial teacher training and through a plethora of professional development courses) by its very nature, seeks to change the behaviour of another, the relational approach seeks to enable others to change their own behaviour.

Our approach calls for a profound and holistic human perspective, because each relationship is unique. Nurturing a relationship with someone who has poor interpersonal skills requires an energy and a creativity which only come with authenticity, presence and humility.